Application of administrative license

Note: (1) Besides of in-person submission, applicant should contact our bureau at (853) 8397 3352 or 8397 3353 to confirm whether the application is successfully submitted and received within 2 workings day after it has been submitted.

(2) Please submit the duly filled application form or application letter, with required documents to our bureau through the following channels.

- in-person / postal address: Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau - Praia Grande, No.762-804, Ed. China Plaza 21-andar

- email:

- fax:(853) 2835 5634

(3) To further improve our service quality, please download and fill in the questionnaire concerning our survey on administrative permit application and send it back to us through the channel stated in point (2).


Note: The legislation, whenever provided, in this site is only for reference.
Please refer to the MSAR official gazette for the related information in chinese and portuguese languages.
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