Licensing of Junket Promoters

Pursuant to the Administrative Regulation No. 6/2002, which was subsequently amended and republished under the Administrative Regulation No. 27/2009, the licensing procedures of the junket promoters commenced on June 7, 2004.

Effective on June 1, 2011, a new service is added to the Performance Pledge.  Within 15 days after receiving the documents for one of the following applications, the DICJ will notify the applicants about the completeness and adequacy of the documents submitted:

1) Initial Application for Junket Promoter License
2) Application for Renewal of Junket Promoter License
3) Application for Change of Data (Reassessment of Eligibility) of Junket Promoter

To optimize the service, the below new service is added to the Performance Pledge and be effective on July 1, 2015.

4) Application of Transferring Share of Junket Promoter Company

5) Application of Appointing New Director of Junket Promoter Company

The below new service is added to the Performance Pledge and be effective on August 1, 2020.

6) Application for adding new Concessionaire/Subconcessionaire
7) Refund of the cash guarantee of Junket Promoter

Notification will be sent to the applicant via SMS through mobile phone or via e-mail, therefore, applicant should provide the respective contact details when submitting their application.

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