Initial Application of Accreditation of the Manufacturers and Suppliers of the Gaming Machines
Department code DICJ
Service code (internal) 0006
Service no. DICJ-0006
Service designation The Permit of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Electronic Gaming Machines
Responsible entity Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) Audit Department
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Service no. DICJ-0006
Formalities code (Internal)   I
Formalities no.   DICJ-0006-I
Formalities category   Initial Application of Accreditation of the Manufacturers And Suppliers of the Gaming Machines
Servicing target   For manufacturers and suppliers of gaming machine, mobile gaming system, electronic monitoring system and interconnected jackpot system
Method of Application   Submission of application including the required forms and legal documents must be made in person to DICJ office
        (Forms Download)
Imperative documents  
Application form for the accreditation of the manufacturers and suppliers of the gaming machines;


Information of the jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which it is authorized to exercise its activity; Indication of the jurisdiction which it chooses as the main one, when authorized in various jurisdictions; (The jurisdiction chosen and the principal (main) may be modified via authorization by the DICJ or via notification to DICJ, in the case of voluntary ceasing of the exercise of its activity in this jurisdiction.);


Document issued by the regulation entity or supervisor of the jurisdiction chosen and the main one to affirm the validity of the authorization conceded in this jurisdiction, the conditions to which it is subjected to, and if applicable, the possible procedures, by administrative infraction or an infraction of an identical kind, proceedings in the previous twelve months;


Information, by jurisdiction, on the gaming machine models which is authorized to manufacture, supply, assemble, install, repair, adapt, modify, give technical assistance or carry out maintenance;


A declaration subscribed by a legal representative, with notary authentication of signature and quality, which states that no suspension or revocation of authorization conceded by another jurisdiction occurred, specifying, and if it may be the case, the reasons for any revocation or suspension;
A list of the judicial processes or equivalents proceedings or still pending, with detailed information about the possible process decisions (court cases) which may affect in a relevant way, the exercise of its activity;


Informative document about the social capital structure of the applicant, the social capital of the members with 5% or more of its social capital, as well as the social capital of the successive associates with 5% or more of the social capital up to the most recent associate;


Documents in which is stated the composition of its social organs;


Annex I (Company history disclosure form for gaming machine manufacturer or supplier: No. 2a of Article 5 of Administrative Regulation No.26/2012 );

Annex II (Personal history disclosure form for shareholder(s) and director(s) holding capital of the company equalto 5% or above: No.2 of Article 1 of Administrative Regulation No.26/2012);
Annex III (Declaration of the Authorization for the Disclosure of Information: No.1 of Article 7of Administrative Regulation No.26/2012); [Note: Annex I and Annex II must be submitted with Annex III per each Annex];


Declaration subscribed by a legal representative, with notary authentication of signature and quality, in which terms the gaming machine manufacturer promises to obey and comply to all the legal obligations and renounces claiming against the RAEM in any forum abroad due to its recognition of the exclusive jurisdiction for the tribunals of RAEM in the pursuit of its activity in the RAEM;


Declaration Form for Cash Guarantee of Gaming Machine Manufacturer or Supplier;
Model M11 of Finance Services Bureau (DSF) which signifies that the bank deposit are banked in to DSF (Application Form of Model M11 download);


Copies of identity documents of  who fill in Annex II (including the identity card, passport and any other valid identification documents of the administrator(s) and  the shareholder(s) holding capital of the company equal to 5% or above;


Three recent color photos taken within the last six months, with a white background, size 8 x 5 cm, one of them has to be stuck on the instructed position in the Annex II, and attached with a storage disk or CD which has saved  the applicant(s)’ photo(s), size 4 x 5 cm, saved as JPEG format and less than 400 Kb.

* All information provided by the applicant is subject to Law No.8/2005 (Law on the Protection of Personal Data)

* For any correction, additional or updated information are required to submit in person or in writing to DICJ
Relative Legislation Pursuant to the Administrative Regulation No.26/2012, article 2, 4(1), and 15, the Gaming machine manufacturers and suppliers are requested to obtain the Accreditation from DICJ before engaging in the activity of supplying the gaming machines, the mobile gaming systems and devices, the electronic monitoring system and interconnected jackpot systems to the concessionaires, and article 8 of the same administrative regulation also regulates the procedures of the accreditation for the Gaming machine manufacturers and suppliers will only be commenced after the submission of the application.
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