Applications and Forms Download
Annex I; (Company history disclosure form for gaming machine manufacturer or supplier: No. 2(1) of Article 5 of Administrative Regulation No.26/2012 )
Annex II; (Personal history disclosure form for shareholder(s) and director(s) holding capital of the company equal to 5% or above: No.2 of Article 1 of Administrative Regulation No.26/2012)
Annex III; (Declaration of the Authorization for the Disclosure of Information: No.1 of Article 7of Administrative Regulation No.26/2012)
Application form for the accreditation of Gaming Machine Manufacturer or Supplier
Application Form of Model M11 of DSF
Declaration Form for Cash Guarantee of Gaming Machine Manufacturer or Supplier
Personal history disclosure form for the Technicians of Gaming Machine Manufacturer or Supplier
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