Scope of Services

In accordance with the administrative provisions stipulated under the Decree Law no. 47/98/M of October 26 and Law no. 10/2003 of July 28, individuals and institutions performing raffle, lucky draw or other similar activities are subject to obtain in advance relevant administrative permit authorized by Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau. Application should be submitted to us at least 10 working days prior to the event. Any party performing raffle, lucky draw or other similar activities without valid permit is prohibited to operate or conduct the activities, but with exemption for activities not in commercial nature or within the scope of concessionary contracts.

Our Competences and Obligations regarding the regulations for raffle and lucky draw

(1) Entities competent to grant a permit should formulate other requirements or operating regulations for raffle, lucky draw or other similar activities, through official dispatches, municipal ordinance or other applicable legislative instruments released in Gazette publication.(Article 5 of Law no. 47/98/M)

(2) The competent entities should provide interested parties written information of requirements, general and specific conditions and formalities for obtaining a permit.(Article 54 of Law no. 47/98/M)

(3) A representative of the competent entity should be presented during lucky draw takes place.(Article 10 of Law no. 47/98/M)

(4) Pursuant to article 46 of Decree Law no. 47/98/M, respective administrative infringement is subject to a fine. (Article 46 of Law no. 47/98/M)

Responsibilities of Applicants

(1) To deliver notification at least 10 days prior to the activity.(Article 9 of Law no. 47/98/M)

(2) To fulfill obligation of tax stipulated in the legislation. (Article 5 of Law no. 47/98/M)

(3) Without holding a valid permit in pursuance of the stipulated legislation, respective activities or events are prohibited.(Article 3 of Law no. 47/98/M)

Note: The legislation, whenever provided, in this site is only for reference.
Please refer to the MSAR official gazette for the related information in chinese and portuguese languages.
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