Self-Exclusion and Third-party Exclusion Applications

Pursuant to Article 6, Clause 1 of Law No. 10/2012 - “Regulating the Conditions of Entering, Working and Gaming at Casinos”, upon the application of an individual to exclude himself/herself from casinos, or upon the confirmation of an exclusion request made by his/her spouse, ascendant, descendant, or a family member related to him/her within the second degree of kinship by blood, the Director of DICJ may prohibit the person from entering all or some of the casinos for a maximum period of two years.

Application Guidelines and Procedures


 1.  Self-Exclusion applications

Eligibility: Anyone may apply.

 2.  Third-Party Exclusion applications

Eligibility: The applicant must be the excluded person’s spouse, parent, son/daughter or brother/sister.
Condition of application: The person to be excluded must sign on the application form to confirm the exclusion.

 3.  Exclusion period

The maximum exclusion period is two years.

 4.  Application for exclusion to casinos

The applicant can apply for exclusion from all or some of the casinos in Macao.

 5.  Application procedures

  • Complete the self-exclusion or third-party exclusion application form.

  • Submit the application in person at the DICJ office located at Avenida da Praia Grande, 762-804, Edf. China Plaza, 11th floor.

  • Bring along the ID card of the applicant and the person to be excluded for ID verification.  A recent photo of the person to be excluded must also be provided.

  • If the exclusion application is submitted to DICJ through one of the casinos in Macao, DICJ will contact the applicant to verify his/her personal details.

6.  Notice of approval

DICJ will notify the applicant of the start and end date of the exclusion period within five working days after the application is submitted. 

7.  Notes for application

  • Participation in the exclusion program is voluntary.

  • The “duration of exclusion” refers to a continuous period of time until the day that the exclusion order expires, unless an application to revoke the exclusion is submitted to DICJ within the period of time that the exclusion is effective.

  • Once the application is approved, the person excluded is prohibited from entering or staying at all or some of the casinos in the Macao Special Administrative Region during the exclusion period.  Failure to comply with the above requirement constitutes a crime of disobedience.

  • The person to be excluded has the right to choose whether or not to receive counseling service from problem gambling prevention and treatment agencies.

Extension of the exclusion period

Once the exclusion order has expired, or once a revocation of exclusion has been made by the excluded person, the exclusion period may be extended only after a new self-exclusion application is made, or after the applicant has confirmed a new third-party exclusion application.


Exclusion revocation

The excluded person may apply for revocation within the exclusion period, however the revocation will only come into effect 30 days after the request is made. 

The application to revoke an exclusion order must be made by the excluded person himself/herself, by coming in person to the DICJ office located at Avenida da Praia Grande, 762-804, Edf. China Plaza, 11th floor.


For further enquiries regarding exclusion applications, please contact DICJ at:

Avenida da Praia Grande, 762-804, Edf. China Plaza, 11th floor, Macau.

Telephone: (853)8397 3286 or (853)8397 3281

Fax: (853)2871 2331



Obtain application forms

Application forms can be obtained from DICJ, The Resilience Centre of the Macao Social Welfare Bureau and casinos.  Forms may also be downloaded from the DICJ website.

Download application forms (in Chinese and Portuguese only)


Self-exclusion application form

MS Word

Acrobat PDF


Third-party exclusion application form

MS Word

Acrobat PDF

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