DICJ continues to strengthen regulation and supervision 

to promote healthy development of junket promotion business 

Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau

Press Release

11 May 2016 

            Junket promoters play an important role in the gaming industry in Macao. The “Interim Review of Gaming Liberalization for Games of Fortune in Macao: economical, social, livelihood impacts and operating conditions of the Concessionaires” research report stated that the junket promotion business mechanism has its value but existing issues must be recognized. Some of these issues include liberal entry and exit of the market by junket promoters; excessive bargaining power towards gaming operators; credits provided by junket promoters; custody of client’s money or chips; absorption of investment or deposit; and “under the table”, internet or telephone gambling. The report pointed out that the government has further improved its oversight of junket promoters by enhancing the legal system and strengthening supervision and review.  

            The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (hereafter called as the DICJ) places great importance on the issues identified in the research report and emphasizes on its consistent efforts to legally regulate junket promoters by improving the legal system and enhancing supervision. In October 2015, DICJ issued a guideline on financial accounting system to all junket promoters in Macao. To ensure effective implementation and application of the guideline, DICJ organized explanatory sessions and conducted site visits to facilitate better understanding and compliance by the industry. Meanwhile, routine tasks such as eligibility verification, auditing and compliance monitoring continued. In 2015, out of the 183 junket promoters in Macao, 35 license renewals were refused due to their failure to comply with regulatory requirements. 

            DICJ launched a review on all junket promoters in Macao in February 2016 to examine whether they have strictly adhered to all requirements in the guideline and established a sound financial accounting system. The review is expected to be completed in six months. Until now, DICJ has conducted site visits to approximately 50% of all junket promoters in Macao (over 80 junket promoters). Initial findings have shown that junket promoters were more conscious of their legal compliance since the issuance of the guideline. Most of them have promptly prepared financial statements in accordance with the guideline and maintained closer contact with the gaming operators. For junket promoters who were unable to fulfill the guideline, DICJ has reminded and reiterated to them the legal requirements. Results of the review will be considered during license renewal and be used for examining the application of the existing regulations.  

            Meanwhile, DICJ inspectors will continue to conduct 24-hour monitoring of activities in all casinos in Macao and offer immediate assistance to the appropriate government departments for further actions in accordance with the law, should any criminal activity be involved. DICJ continues to perfect relevant gaming regulations and guidelines, enhancing supervision on the operation and promoting a healthy development of the industry. Amendments to Administrative Regulation No. 6/2002 “Regulate junket promotion activities in casino games of fortune”  (“Regula a actividade de promoção de jogos de fortuna ou azar em casino”) have been launched as scheduled, in which the government intends to raise the entry threshold of junket promoters. DICJ will also maintain a close contact with the gaming industry in order to find out a feasible solution to establish a central credit database that complies with legal requirements. This database aims at minimizing the credit risk gaming industry faces when practicing legal granting of credits and maintaining the continuous and healthy operation of the industry. DICJ believes that improved regulation of junket promotion activities and closer communication help promote betterment, quality and integrity of the industry, enhancing the overall image of gaming industry in Macao and its competitiveness at an international level.

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