Cash Guarantee for Gaming Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers

For the effectiveness of the article 7 of Administrative Regulation No.26/2012, in accordance with the provision of the same article, the gaming machine manufacturers and suppliers are obligated to provide a cash guarantee which is set to make a deposit of MOP $ 100,000. When applying the initial application regulated by article 8, the gaming machine manufacturers and suppliers have to submit the application form accompanied by the bank deposit receipt. Director of DICJ may permit, by application, the gaming machine manufacturer and supplier, to adopt the appropriate bank guarantee or insurance instead of the bank deposit guarantee. If necessary, the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region may request to increase the amount of the cash guarantee.


Cash Guarantee Payment Method

Cash Deposit (download  "Application form of Model M11 of DSF for the Provision of Cash Guarantee intended for Accreditation of Gaming Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers")

After depositing the cash guarantee to the bank, the applicant should submit the bank deposit receipt accompanied by the initial application form and other documents to DICJ in person.  

Remarks:the applicant may request to use the bank guarantee or insurance instead of the bank deposit guarantee by application to Director of DICJ.

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