Submission of Information to DICJ in the Month of January of Each Year
1 Information of the jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which it is authorized to exercise its activity; indication of the jurisdiction which it chooses as the main one, when authorized in various jurisdictions; (The jurisdiction chosen and the principal (main) may be modified via authorization by the DICJ or via notification to DICJ, in the case of voluntary ceasing of the exercise of its activity in this jurisdiction.);
2 Document issued by the regulation entity or supervisor of the jurisdiction chosen and the main one to affirm the validity of the authorization conceded in this jurisdiction, the conditions to which it is subjected to, and if applicable, the possible procedures, by administrative infraction or an infraction of an identical kind, proceedings in the previous twelve months;
3 Information, by jurisdiction, on the gaming machine models which is authorized to manufacture, supply, assemble, install, repair, adapt, modify, give technical assistance or carry out maintenance;
4 A declaration subscribed by a legal representative, with notary authentication of signature and quality, which states that no suspension or revocation of authorization conceded by another jurisdiction occurred, specifying, and if it may be the case, the reasons for any revocation or suspension;
5 A list of the judicial processes or equivalents proceedings or still pending, with detailed information about the possible process decisions (court cases) which may affect in a relevant way, the exercise of its activity;
6 Informative document about the social capital structure of the applicant, the social capital of the members with 5% or more of its social capital, as well as the social capital of the successive associates with 5% or more of the social capital up to the most recent associate;
7 Documents in which is stated the composition of its social organs;
Or declaration subscribed by the legal representative, with authenticated signature via notary; to attest the above seven information to the fact that the same did not suffer any modifications;
8 Detailed information about its activity in the RAEM, during the previous calendar year, specifically the number and respective models of gaming machines supplied to each concessionary, the location of its installation and the identification of gaming machines supplied by an agent or distributor of another manufacturer of gaming machines.
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